Recruiter Connect Community Vision

The Recruiter Connect Community is here to build a collaborative community within the VetJobs and Military Spouse Jobs network for military veteran recruiters and military spouse recruiters to meet and discuss best practices which enhance their corporate recruitment programs.

RCC Mission

To increase Military Veteran & Spouse hiring numbers via:
-        Job sharing opportunities and connection to our candidate database through a dedicated Recruiter Connect Specialist (RCS).
-        Networking and candidate job share opportunities.
-        Mentorship for military recruiters moving into the talent acquisition space.
-        Assisting recruiters in organizations that do not have a dedicated military veteran & spouse hiring initiative.
-        Exposure to our diverse network of candidates.
-        Assisting federal contracting companies and agencies with meeting OFCCP compliance.
-        Increased Military Veteran & Spouse retention numbers.
-        Collaborating to build Military veteran & Spouse recognition programs within their organization.
-        Connection to the Right Candidates!

Interested Recruiters Email:

From Deb Kloeppel, Founder and President: “There’s not a doubt that corporate recruiters built the house of VetJobs and Military Spouse Jobs. We’ve taken a strong stance when providing our funding through corporate giving, philanthropy, and family foundations, as not to require funding from HR corporate or small business HR departments.  Through our VetJobs and Military Spouse Jobs’ Recruiter Connect Community we have created a powerful way to organize our recruitment efforts for an even STRONGER impact in today’s military-to-civilian workforce. We provide no-cost services to our recruiters, globally, to ensure our military candidates do not carry a high price tag for their resumes and skills-sets. To learn more about our Recruiter Connect Community:

If you are former military or military spouse working as a corporate recruiter, you qualify for our RCC program. And yes, we accept military moms and dads too, working as corporate recruiters!

Thank you, Kristi, for paying it forward. Our RCC Program will help you pay it forward every day at no-cost to your company.