Candid Career has worked with hundreds of organizations to produce interview-driven videos about different industries, jobs, workplace best practices, interviewing techniques, skills, and more.  The goal is to help people learn as much as they can about their options before choosing a career path.  The video interviews are filmed without narration or actors – just real people speaking from the heart about their career experiences. The Candid Career video library continues to grow in order to offer relevant videos for anyone choosing a career path and we’re making sure the career planning help we feature is relevant in the present day. To date, we offer more than 8500 videos for those seeking both industry and occupation insights.

VetJobs Training

From Service to Success:
Empowering Heroes In The Workforce

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Self-Registration Options

Tailor your attendance to suit your schedule and gain a competitive edge in today’s job market! The following training opportunities are available to you without a referral. Simply click the button below below to view the calendar and complete the form to gain access to live, virtual, or self-paced training.

Career Specialist Referral Options

Are you transitioning to the civilian workforce, embarking on a new career path, or reintegrating into the workforce? Navigating the multitude of available platforms and resources can be overwhelming. Let our Career Specialists guide you in attaining your career aspirations. Our Career Specialists are highly trained military-affiliated individuals that will help steer you toward the direction that aligns with your career goals and ambitions!

In a world where dedication, sacrifice, and honor define our veterans, there's a new mission on the horizon: transitioning from service to success. This journey isn't just about finding a job; it's about harnessing the skills, experiences, and resilience gained through service to conquer new challenges and achieve personal and professional fulfillment.
At VetJobs, we understand the unique strengths and needs of veterans. That's why we're dedicated to providing comprehensive training programs tailored to support their transition from military to civilian life. Our mission is clear: to empower veterans with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive in the next phase of their journey.

About VetJobs Training

Career Readiness Training

Job search and career readiness skills are essential for success in today’s workplace, enabling effective communication, collaboration, and professional development. Our soft skills training programs encompass highly sought-after abilities.

Core Competencies

Hard skills are specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured. Employers look for these core competencies to qualify you for positions.  Our training programs focus on industry specific knowledge.

Career Advancement

Earning industry-recognized certificates can enhance your professional credibility and open doors to advancement opportunities. Industry recognized certificates in high demand careers leading to career advancements.

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We have additional training partners that may offer options more closely aligned to what you are looking for.  Avoid spending valuable time navigating multiple website, searching for learning options.  You may request an individualized consultation to go over the options we have.

At VetJobs we honor your past, help you embrace your future, and chart your course to success.